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Publication Partners

Publishers interested in an agreement with HEALTHINF, concerning the publication of the proceedings or the post-publication of selected papers in journals or books, can contact the event secretariat to suggest a partnership or propose a publication service. HEALTHINF is ready to collaborate with publishers that provide a wide and prestigious dissemination of the scientific and technical work presented at the event, including facilitating the presence of those publishers at the venue.

Current Publication Partners:


SCITEPRESS publishes a wide variety of exceptional quality technical publications in the form of conference and workshop proceedings, tutorials, journals, e-books and on-line courses.
SCITEPRESS strives to achieve the quality in its publications, both in process and content.
SCITEPRESS focuses on empowering each individual with the keys to spread his work worldwide.

Journal Systems Biomedicine

The journal covers the direct implementation of systems biology to benefiting human health.This includes harnessing the ever growing abilities of current high-throughput biotechnology into data and into the understanding of human health. The use of algorithms, computational tools and computational biology in general to understand disease etiology, to establish disease biomarkers, and to stratify disease prognosis. Specific topics of focus include the use of molecular networks as a facilitating concept in systems biomedicine; genomics, proteomics and metabolomics through their contribution to biomedicine. Biomedical fields include, but are not limited to: cancer, inflammatory response, central nervous systems, the immune systems and development.

Springer | CCIS Series Book

The CCIS series is devoted to the publication of proceedings of computer science conferences. Its aim is to efficiently disseminate original research results in informatics in printed and electronic form. While the focus is on publication of peer-reviewed full papers presenting mature work, inclusion of reviewed short papers reporting on work in progress is welcome, too. Besides globally relevant meetings with internationally representative program committees guaranteeing a strict peer-reviewing and paper selection process, conferences run by societies or of high regional or national relevance are also considered for publication.